Kingfisher plc – 18 September 2019

Case Study:

Peace of Mind for Successful Meetings: Kingfisher plc
When the pressure’s on for Kingfisher plc to prepare and deliver important meetings and presentations successfully, they turn to JB Events.

Why choose JB Events?

We like to think that Kingfisher plc repeatedly turn us because they trust us to be professional, consistent and reliable.  We’ve been at Kingfisher’s side for over 20 years.  Our role has been to  advise, project manage and deliver a myriad of events, presentations and meetings.  Over the years, we’ve come to understand the dynamics of the business, its markets, employees and senior management team.  We recognise their challenges and strengths and understand their strategic ambitions.

Delivering peace of mind

So when the company announced its half year results to shareholders and City analysts at the London Stock Exchange on 18 September, it’s not surprising that JB Events were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly at this high profile event.  The current business environment is extremely challenging for all companies operating in the DIY sector.  This meant that it was more important than ever that Kingfisher’s senior management team was able to focus solely on the business in hand.  Our role was to make sure that they were not distracted by the logistics behind delivering such important information.

To ensure this was the case, our senior Project Director, Paul Browne, worked closely with investor relations.  They then had the peace of mind that technology would not let them down whilst they were in the spotlight.

Focusing on the business at hand

Paul kept an experienced eye on proceedings.  He directed webcams and monitored all the technology required to deliver the speakers’ presentations, visuals and sound.   And while he made sure that everything ran smoothly, Board Members could focus on the business in hand – running through the company’s results statistics, fielding questions from the floor and making sure their audience received the information it needed clearly and precisely.